Isshinryu Supplies

Isshinryu Supplies

One of the most frequent questions I receve is where to purchase Isshinryu Supplies, Books, Videos and such. This is a very modest list of sources - many are links to the various companies web sites. NOTE: At this time I do not take any advertising - nor do I receive any compensation from these companies. I haven't left anyone out on purpose. If you know of annother source please let me know.

Books - Video's

Isshinryu Productions 800-968-1654 - They are a primary distributor for Sensei Chandler's new book, Master Long's video series, The fist shaped patch, and many other things.

Sensei Norbert Donnely Donnely Sensei has put an amazing effort into his books and videos and I reccomend them highly. His web site is worth the visit even if you don't buy anything.

Martial Arts Bookstore - (800) 852-6442

Ryu-Kyu Imports They claim to be the worlds largest importer and distributor of martial arts related books. - probably true. They also are a major distributor of Sensei Chandler's new book. The biggest bookstore on the planet. I LOVE this place!

General MA Supplies

American Martial Arts Supply Again - no experience just a promising web site.

Asian World of Martial Arts I highly reccomend this company. I have always recieved good quality and good service from them. A little slow to ship orders.

Century Martial Arts Supply Online (800) 626-2787. Good stuff - Great service - Fast shipping. Slightly limited variety, and why do they put the pockets on the gi's?

World-Wide Martial Arts Supply Your basic martial arts supply store - on the internet. I have no experience ordering from this company but they look good.

Traditional Martial Arts Supplies, P.O. Box 15594, Plantation, FL 33318-5594. David Evseef says "I have bought several items from him and have been very satisfied with the quality, service, and prices." e-mail is

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